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Our approach and our work ethic are underpinned by our shared team values of integrity, simplicity and kindness.

When we receive an expression of need from a client, our objective is to propose an initial dedicated manager in less than 48 hours.

To this end, we immediately launch our “Assignment process”:

Team briefing

  • Briefing of the research team.
  • Discussions to ensure a perfect understanding of their needs, of the precise function, the context of the assignment and the manager’s scope of intervention
  • Definition of a typical profile with a breakdown of the technical and managerial aspects, as well as the personality in order to ensure that the candidate is a good fit for the context and the eco-system involved.

Search & selection

Launch of the search on the same day, using all necessary means:

  • Search of our database of 750 managers specialised in our fields of activity
  • Search on all relevant job boards, including LinkedIn
    In-depth study of the network
  • Identification of and correspondence with available target candidates
  • Selection and submission of a concise dossier

Presentation & set-up

Presentation of the selected managers and support with decision-making

  • Set-up of the assignment, logistical organisation, signature of contracts

Follow-up & support

  • Ongoing follow-up of the assignment with one or two contacts per week with the manager during the first month of the assignment and a quick (or lengthy) debrief with the client
  • Continuous presence throughout the duration of the assignment, with updates as frequently as necessary